Favorite Etsy Artists

Favorite Etsy Artists

Part of interior design is filling your home with art and I truly believe that art makes a house a home.  You may not know this about me, but I love to paint.  In fact, many of the pieces we have at home right now are originals painted by me!  Originals that only Kristen would buy, but hey, at least I can tout that I have originals!  I’d had hope to show some of my art in this post but everything is packed in boxes right now!  Well, just gives me an excuse to dedicate to whole post to home made art!

All that said, I love browsing Etsy for art because it is not only affordable, its by someone who may or may not be a full time artist but more importantly, its by someone who has something unique to say that hasn’t been pushed through galleries or mass printing.  Sure the Audrey Hepburn canvas from Ikea is nice, but I’d bet a pretty penny that thousands of folks have that hanging on their living room walls.  So here are some of my favorite Etsy artists right now.  I’m definitely teetering over which ones I should buy for the new home – choices choices choices!  I wish I could get them all!

–  Definitely a blogger favorite!  I love her work that uses strong muted colors like blues, blacks and greens.  They stand out well on a neutral wall.  I also love her theme of the hidden face (which is common amongst some of the other Etsy artists I’ve highlighted) – there’s just something mysterious about that draws you in!
–  I first came across Kai Samuel Davis on another blog and fell utterly in love.  His pieces showcase so much movement that it bring life to a wall.  It makes you want to look a little deeper to figure out what’s going on.  Love it!
–  I love David Llyod’s figure abstracts – especially the ones painted from behind (see my love for the hidden face??).  I’m not an art aficionado but there’s just something about his figure paintings that scream sophistication.
–  I hate to beat a dead horse but do you see my obsession with the hidden face?  Add that to my love for hair styles and Elizabeth Mayville is my kind of artist!  I love the neutral backgrounds she uses – all this just makes her subject pop that much more against a neutral wall.  Pair this with some more neutral pieces and you have a really attractive gallery.
–  I actually came across this piece on Framebridge‘s site and I think the quirkiness of this piece would look great in a home office!
–  Young House Love first introduced me to Samantha French and really what’s there not to love?  Its bright, vibrant and the rippling water just makes you wish you owned a pool!  (We don’t own one so we might end up jumping into our bathtub instead!)
–  Again, hooray for the quirky – something that is a little less serious but always beautiful.

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