We disappeared and why we’re back.

We gave you a house tour in Sept 2015 and it was only our 4th post before we disappeared.  We had to for a variety of reasons mostly existential in nature I guess.  I’m a big time blog reader and the more I read, the less I felt I could contribute to the blog space.  I mean how could I, I’m not an interior design guru, I don’t have mad construction chops – all I had was a first house that I was hoping to make into our own.  Hell, I didn’t even have an Amazon affiliate account!

But as I tried to make changes that mimicked what I saw on blogs, I found myself constantly buying things.  I found myself going through “round ups of what to buy” from every blogger everywhere.  I get it, its a money maker but I got into DIY to make things, not just buy them.  One of our first purchases for our home were some pendants from Rejuvenation.  I love them but they were expensive and I knew if I were to replace all the lights in our home, well I would either be quite broke or I’ll have to wait forever.  So I started searching on how to make my own lights.  That’s when the light bulb literally went off.  I actually started making lights that were COMPARABLE to those you find on Rejuvenation, Triple Seven Home, School House Electric.  Yes I can and I did!  Kristen told me I should sell the lights I made but I had a better idea.  Why not empower people to make their own?  I mean isn’t that what blogs and DIY is all about?  This could be where I could make a difference.  Imagine someone who goes through these amazing blogs but can’t afford a Cedar and Moss sconce, well, I can’t make ANY light, but there are some nice ones I can definitely pit together for sometimes a quarter of retail and I can’t wait to put these plans together for this little space on the internet.

Since our last house tour, we’ve made many many updates to the house.  We’ll shoot another tour soon so that you can enjoy all the before and afters that we have!  Well, this was meant to be a short hello we’re back post so I’ll let you get back to your regular scheduled program but a couple of things to look out for these next few weeks that we’re intending to blog about:

  1. DIY semi flushmount lights (we made fancy lights for our upstairs hallway!)
  2. DIY kitchen sconce
  3. Commentary on our new sofa from Article (formerly known as Bryght – not affiliated, just an honest opinion!)
  4. Living with our open kitchen shelf (and loving it!)
  5. Staining stair banisters

Talk you you all soon!



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