Lighting up the hallway – DIY Globe Semi Flushmount Light

We’re on a mission, a mission to banish all boob lights from our builder grade home.  Let’s see, we have 1,2,3,4.. ok many boob lights in this house – so many that replacing them all with beautiful lights from Cedar and Moss (like this one!) would be way too expensive or it would take too long!  What’s a girl to do but to make her own DIY light!  Introducing our very own Globe Semi Flush mount for less than $50!  Let’s get started!

HoW to make a globe Semi Flushmount Light

Here’s how I typically start out my light making process.  I scour the internet to look for something I like and is somewhat do-able, then I make a sketch of something like this, use as much of the little engineering brain I have to plan out the parts I need before I head to Grand Brass to look for all the items I need.  So before we go on, here’s a sketch of what this DIY light is composed of:new doc 5_1

Here are the parts you’ll need: (I also want to announce that unlike most blogs, these are NOT affiliate links – I make no money whatsoever if you purchase these parts, nothing whatsoever!)

  • Crossbar
  • Modern Canopy (I got it powdered coated black but you can get it in brass, nickel and even white! Just make sure that it says it has the 1/8SL center hole – this is the hole size we need in order to fit our 1/8 ips pipe)
  • Slip Rings x 2 (You will also need a teeny allen wrench to tighten this – so look for that at your local home improvement store)
  • Brass pipe (1/8ips) threaded on both ends – 6 inches long depending how long you want your light (I spray painted mine matt black)
  • 4 inch neckless glass holder
  • 8 inch frosted globe
  • Keyless socket (personally I’d go with the Leviton version even though there are cheaper options)
  • Black and White wires

That’s it!  I’ve got more complicated lights to share that require a lot more parts, but let’s get through this one first. (I apologize before hand that I don’t have step by step photos – I took them but somehow lost them all in the same week… I hope my instructions are clear enough, if not, shoot me an email and I’ll give more detail!)

To assemble the light, first thread your socket.  Strip your wires back about an inch and twist them so that they form a neat thread.  Unscrew the gold screw slighting and coil your black wire around the gold terminal.  Do the same for the white wire with the silver terminal.  Remember – Black wire goes to the gold terminal and white one to the silver terminal.  There are tons of tutorials out there that teach this so I won’t re-hash.  Screw your socket back and you should have something like this.


Once you have your socket connected, thread the neckless globe holder and slip rings through your pipe.  Thread your wires through the pipe and screw it into your socket.  You should end up with something like this:


If you find that you can’t screw your pipe into your socket all the way, loosen the screw on the side of the socket, screw your pipe in further and then tighten the screw on the socket as best you can.


Once you have all these parts put together – you’re ready to hang your light!  Get a electrician if you aren’t familiar with this part of things (essentially, turn off your breaker, wire hot to black, neutral to white and ground to ground screw in my case).  Screw your pipe directly into your crossbar, push your canopy up and secure your slip ring with your teeny allen wrench.  Then put your bulb in, and put your globe on.  Secure your other slip ring and there you have it friends, your very own almost Cedar and Moss semi flushmount for less than $50!  Does it get any more beautiful than that?  With this new found skill, you’ll be banishing those boob lights once and for all!


Well friends, I hope you enjoyed my first tutorial.  Feedback is always welcomed but I’m definitely looking to share more of my home-made lights with you soon so check back!






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