DIY Light – Kitchen Sconce Edition


We recently axed our top kitchen cabinets in favor of open shelving.  Oooo I could dedicate an entire post to open shelving – they look beautiful, they are so practical, they make grabbing and putting dishes back so easy and they are great for getting much needed artwork into the kitchen.  I now know why so many interior designers favor open shelving – who wouldn’t??  We decided to only have one long shelf (its about 10 feet long) instead of multiple long ones.  Given that this side of the kitchen was darker (the refrigerator and the wall hides a lot of the natural light, the idea was to keep this area open, airy and 2 shelves would have just made the wall heavier.  This however left us with a huge area above the open shelf which we thought would be perfect for a sconce.  Not only would that bring light to the area, it would break up some of the negative space.

As I started curating inspiration images, I started noticing a trend..





I really like the mid century modern feel a cone sconce brings.  I also like that the whole brass and black colors that go so well against a light colored wall.  I was sold – a black and brass cone adjustable sconce.  As I went online shopping for my sconce, I rarely came across something that met my wants and price point so I figured why not make my own DIY light??

Here’s the game plan (my apologies for the poor handwriting – its actually quite difficult to write on an iPad):


Here are the parts you’ll need (Note that these are NOT affiliate links.  I just love Grand Brass and I get all my parts from them!):


Step One: Spray paint any item you want black.  I wanted my canopy and pipe to be black and used Rustoleum’s matt black.  Remember to cover your pipe threads before spray painting!


Step Two:  Wire your UNO wireless socket.  This process is the same as wiring any other socket so I’ll skip the step-by-step photos.  Just remember black to gold, white to silver!

Step Three:  Once you have your socket wired, screw in your 1/2″ steel nipple and thread your wires through.  Then unscrew your swivel and screw it into the steel nipple connected to your socket.  When threading your wires through your swivel, make sure that you wire them around the center of the swivel.  You don’t want to squish your wires when you re-assemble your swivel.


Step Four:  Re-assemble your swivel and you should have something like this.  Looking good there!


Step Five:  Connect your pipe to the swivel you re-assembled and thread your wires through.  Disassemble your 2nd swivel and connect it to your pipe.  Re-assemble it with the wires in place.  Then screw in your 1″ steel nipple into your 2nd swivel and pipe couple around your steel nipple.  See the second picture for a closeup.  Then thread it through your canopy and we are almost there!



Step Six:  Now to secure it all to your canopy.  First thread your steel nipple through your washer, followed by your star/lock washer and lastly tighten your steel nut around it all.

Step Seven: Screw your socket through the spoked holder and attach your cone to your spoked holder and tighten the 3 screws on the spoked holder to secure it.

Step Eight:  Attach your cross bar to your wall.  If you notice, mine is tilted.  This is why we use a cross bar because the top part of the bar swivels so that we can attach our sconce to it and have the screws adjusted straight.


Step Nine:  We’re almost there!  Secure your light to the wall and wire it up.  (If you aren’t familiar with wiring a light, please please get an electrician.  Do not attempt if you are not comfortable!!) Thread your studs through to your crossbar and secure them with your acorn caps. Then turn on your power, adjust the swivel of your lights and TA-DAH!



I hope you enjoy my DIY light series… I tried to put in more pictures this time based on comments I received from my last one.  If there still aren’t enough pictures, let me know and I’ll be sure to take more!  Please support my little blog by pinning this and sharing it!  So there we have it, now you know how to DIY a wall sconce!








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