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Hi folks!  Thank you for visiting my site.  I just wanted to let you know that we are now self hosted and have moved to our own domain!  Its all very exciting and I can’t wait to see you there.  Here’s our new site:


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An Honest Unsponsored Review of the Nest Thermostat


People who know me know that I love technology.  Not to say I’m great at it, but I love it.  When we first moved into our new home in the fall of 2015, one of the first things we got was a smart thermostat in preparation for winter.  It was version 3 of the Nest Thermostat. Continue reading

How to Find Free Art to Fill a Gallery Wall



Raise your hands if you love a gallery wall – I certainly do but sometimes getting pictures and artwork to fill a gallery wall can be frustrating and expensive.  When we first started out with our first gallery wall in our loft and now another in our dining room, we knew we wanted a blue-ish theme (we have a little blue in every room) but while we had purchased some artwork, we didn’t quite have enough for an entire gallery wall.  While yes artwork should be purchased slowly and only when you really find something you like and fits in Continue reading

DIY Light – Kitchen Sconce Edition


We recently axed our top kitchen cabinets in favor of open shelving.  Oooo I could dedicate an entire post to open shelving – they look beautiful, they are so practical, they make grabbing and putting dishes back so easy and they are great for getting much needed artwork into the kitchen.  I now know why so many interior designers favor open shelving – who wouldn’t??  We decided to only have one long shelf (its about 10 feet long) instead of multiple long ones.  Given that this side of the kitchen was darker (the refrigerator and the wall hides a lot of the natural light, the idea was to keep this area open, airy and 2 shelves would have just made the wall heavier.  This however left us with a huge area above the Continue reading

Darlin’ Leave a Light on for Me – Automating Your Porch Lights

Remember that Belinda Carlisle song Leave a Light On?  Boy does that bring back memories…

“Darlin’ leave a light on for me, I’ll be there before you close the door to give you all the love that you need…”

Ok maybe you don’t – I might have just dated my musical tastes. I don’t know about you but I love having my porch lights on when I come home in the evening or just for security reasons when we’re not home or even if we are!  Thing is, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve forgotten to turn them off only to have them on the entire night and day!  In fact, truth be told, my neighbor has her porch lights on 24/7 and the little eco-monster in me just wants to help her automate her lights to save some electricity!

Realistically, who wants to remember to turn on and turn off their porch lights everyday?  I certainly don’t.  Enter the Honeywell Light Switch Programmable Timer.  There are a bunch of other brands of programmable light switches – I personally went with this one because it was only about $20 and Honeywell is a pretty reputable brand.


Continue reading

Keeping Our Dog Maya Occupied with Smart Dog Toys

We have an Australian Shepherd (Her name is Maya and the blog is named after her as you can tell!) and as with all Aussies, they are smart as smart can be and need to be kept entertained!  Keeping their brains working actually wears them out more than running around with them!  I know I’ll never be able to outrun Maya but I sure can outsmart her Continue reading

Lighting up the hallway – DIY Globe Semi Flushmount Light

We’re on a mission, a mission to banish all boob lights from our builder grade home.  Let’s see, we have 1,2,3,4.. ok many boob lights in this house – so many that replacing them all with beautiful lights from Cedar and Moss (like this one!) would be way too expensive or it would take too long!  What’s a girl to do but to make her own DIY light!  Introducing our very own Globe Semi Flush mount for less than $50!  Let’s get started!

HoW to make a globe Semi Flushmount Light

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